What to Wear to a Baseball Game

June 13th, 2013

pinkBaseball season is in full swing and that means it’s time to teach you ladies how to dress for a game.

A League of their Own showed us the importance of femininity in sports. However, that doesn’t mean you need to bust out the stilettos every time you head to the ballpark.

The MLB association and Victoria’s Secret have done everything in their power to prevent you from dressing up at these events. Their goal is to make you look like a lady and support your team at the same time.

MLB merchandise provides women with tons of choices, including bikinis, sunglasses, jerseys and sweatshirts. I’m not saying you should wear a bikini to the game, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.

Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB Collection is another best seller when it comes to women’s sporting merchandise. Their sleek and sexy clothing allows you to make a statement at the game while feeling like a woman.

However, don’t worry if purchasing a $60 jersey isn’t in your future. Recent trends, like color blocking, have made it easy to look cute at baseball games without spending money. Take the Yankees for example. All you have to do is throw on a white tee with navy shorts and you’re ready to go.

So when it comes to dressing for a baseball game, always remember these three rules. Leave the mini skirts at home. Wear something that represents your team colors. And avoid wearing white shorts because mustard doesn’t look good on anyone.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb

Summertime Layers

June 5th, 2013

fashionIs your office freezing? Do you have trouble figuring out what to wear to work in the summer? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then you struggle with summer fashion like I do. How are you supposed to dress for your ice cold office and the disgustingly, hot subway at the same time? The answer is layers.

While most of us layer in the winter to keep warm, it’s also a good idea to layer in the summer. Below are the top trends that were made for summer layering.

Denim Jackets

Like history, fashion repeats itself. With that being said , the denim jacket is one trend that is back and better than ever. While I’m not a fan of denim on top of denim, there are so many ways to wear this versatile jacket. One of my favorite summer looks is pairing your denim (jean) jacket with bright colored pants or a skirt. This look  is perfect for the office and looks good with any color.


The blazer has always been a popular office item. Recent trends have taken the classic blazer and made them colorful and even casual. Throwing on a blazer is a great way to dress yourself up for work and keep warm at the same time. Paired with a summer dress, this look is unstoppable.

Floral Jackets

One of the top trends for this Spring/Summer is floral patterns. Floral pieces are popping up everywhere, whether they’re in the form of jackets or pants. The floral jacket is a great way to keep warm and still feel summery. Your floral jacket will look great in the office and remind everyone that you can still have fun with summer fashion while you’re stuck indoors.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb

Billboard Music Awards Mishaps

May 20th, 2013

biebsLast night’s airing of the Billboard Music Awards didn’t bring that much to the table.  While the show had its largest overall audience since 2011, things still went wrong. The broadcast included a ton of fashion faux pas, random booing and even audience injuries. In case you missed it, allow me to take you back through the night.

First, we have Justin Bieber. Now don’t go and roll your eyes just yet. I’m going to talk about his blunders.

After winning three awards and performing twice, the “Beauty and the Beat” singer got booed during his Milestone Award acceptance speech. While looking a bit confused, he went on to say that he is an artist and he should be taken seriously. News-flash Biebs, no one is going to take you seriously when you’re wearing a jacket with one sleeve. That of course brings me to the next mishap.

During his solo performance, Bieber was wearing leather pants, a black tank, and a black jacket that had only one sleeve. Now I understand that leather was hot this past season, but I just don’t understand the one sleeve trend. When it comes down to it and you want to be taken seriously, wear a jacket that has both sleeves.

Adding to the list of fashion mishaps, some of the worst dress attendees of the evening included Jenny McCarthy, Ke$ha and Carly Rae Jepsen. Each of these ladies featured pieces that would make fabulous outfits, if they were properly put together.

Lastly, we have Miguel. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Who the heck is Miguel?” Miguel is the guy who hurt a member of the audience last night.

During his performance last night, Miguel jump kicked from one part of the stage to another. In the process, he fell short and landed on a fans head and/or neck. He then continued singing. Talk about a mishap. Later on in the evening, he tweeted that the girl was fine and she was seen backstage with him icing her neck.

Happy Monday!

Author: Jenna Goldfarb





Highs and Lows of the 2013 Met Gala

May 7th, 2013

If you joined in on last night’s Met Gala red carpet live stream, you’re probably as disappointed as I am. The mediocre broadcast lead me to believe that E! News should have hosted the event. But instead, the prestigious ball was hosted by Hilary Rhoda and Billy Norwich of Vogue.com. While it was made clear that Rhoda had no idea how to give an interview, Norwich struggled to figure out who Leslie Mann was.

When it came time to ask the attendees who they were wearing, the hosts once again dropped the ball. I still haven’t figured out why they weren’t asking everyone this question. Then, when they actually decided to talk fashion, they didn’t even show the outfit being discussed.

Aside from the hosting fails, we did see some interesting fashions. The “Punk” theme left room for the guests to be creative and fun. While fashionistas, like Miley Cyrus and Sarah Jessica Parker, channeled their inner punk, others like Heidi Klum decided to go the classy, elegant direction. But when it came down to it, you needed the perfect amount of punk and couture to make the best dressed list.

Here are some of the ladies that mixed the right amount of punk with couture:

Kate Bosworth in Balmain


Kelly Osbourne in Marc Jacobs

kelly osbourne 2013 met gala   Google Search

Amber Heard in Emilio Pucci

amber heard 2013 met gala   Google Search

Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung

emily watson 2013 met gala   Google Search


Don’t forget that the main focus of the annual gala is to introduce the years Costume Institute exhibition. “Punk: Chaos to Couture” will feature around one hundred designs for men and women. Each aspect of the exhibit will examine punk’s high impact on high fashion from the movements birth in the early 1970’s through today. The exhibit will be running through August 14. I highly suggest checking it out and be sure to check out my upcoming review.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb

Popular Fashion Brands Create Festival Collections

April 22nd, 2013

foreverIt used to be that when it came time to prepare your outfit for a music festival, you would just throw on anything you had in your closet. Everything from bikini tops to neon tutus were featured at these fabulous events.

While people still tend to follow those trends, this season, popular brands have taken those creative looks and brought them up to a mainstream level.

GUESS, Forever 21 and American Eagle Outfitters, for example, have designed “fashioned by music” lines that cater to the avid music festival goer. Collections have been created for both men and women and feature clothing and must-have accessories.

GUESS’ Limited Edition Festival Collection includes a bohemian lineup of festival worthy apparel. It’s jam-packed with patchwork denim shorts and vests, as well as graphic tees and cool camouflage. The prices of the line vary between $15 (for a gold cross ring) to $178 (for a stars-and-stripes-patterned denim moto jacket). When the pieces are combined, they’re sure to create an awesome outfit.

If you’re looking for similar pieces at a cheaper price, the Forever 21 Festival Collection is the one for you. Cropped tees, lacy skirts and elements of crochet are all brought together to create fabulous, simple options. These pieces have a price range that vary between $4.80 and $39.80.

So if you’re headed to a festival this season, channel your inner hippie and check out these awesome fashion lines. Who knows, you might find the perfect crop top to pair with your pretty, pink tutu.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb

What to Wear During and After a Tattoo…And Still Be Fashionable!

April 19th, 2013



Love ’em or hate ’em (though if you are reading this, it’s probably the former),tattoos are becoming more and more common as a means of expression or for some, just accessorizing. Whatever the reason behind them, 45 million Americans have at least one. But a lot of us want to be fashionable despite having to deal with the pain. So, how do you do that during and after a tattoo? Well, you can take it from me (and my upcoming thigh tattoo) that this is something I’ve given a lot of thought. Here are some tips to make it an easy and fashionable experience.

  •  If it’s a thigh tattoo, wear a skirt (or for you fellas, loose shorts). Make it easy for the artist to be able to access the area. Ladies, if you are afraid of flashing people then you might want to invest in boy short underwear but I’ll tell you a little secret: your artist has probably seen a ton of panties and bras in their line of work as it often takes removal of some clothing to get the tattoo you want. And honestly, they don’t care, nor does anyone else in the shop.
  • If it’s arms or back, tank tops are the way to go. Let that skin be bare from the get go. If it is chilly out, layer with a loose top or button down shirt so that when you put it back on later on, it is not rubbing your painful wound of a tattoo.
  • Wear something you don’t mind getting ink on. Most tattoo ink will wash out of clothes easily, but it depends on the material, so better be safe and wear a piece that might not have been so high up on your “love” list.

For healing, you want to follow a lot of similar rules. Wear looser clothes, so your flowing blouses and cotton high low skirts that are so in right now are going to work perfectly. Tight clothing prevents the tattoo from breathing. It can also rub and cause ink to peel off prematurely, causing holes in your image that might force you to get a touch up.

Fashion is always important, that’s a given, but just make sure you work it around your new piece of art so it can heal properly. Don’t worry; it’s only for a week! Then you can go back to skinny jeans or tighter tops if that’s your thing!

Mixing Patterns Dos and Dont’s

April 8th, 2013


This spring has so many awesome patterns; polka dots, stripes (zig zag and classic),  and floral are some of the most popular popping up  in stores. And the biggest trend as of late is mixing and matching these patterns. It sounds kind of strange, pairing striped pants with a floral top, but it is possible, if done right. Even I was a little wary but I’m embracing this trend because of its great expression of individuality.

So, how exactly do you mix patterns without looking like you got dressed in the dark?

  • DO work with a base color. You can pair that floral skirt with stripes if there’s a color they have in common. All you need is one and it’ll look less like you’re just clashing.
  • DO mix subtle with loud. Choose one piece that has an easier on the eyes pattern to pair with your louder blouse, or vice versa. That also goes for size and density, mix those up as much as possible.
  • DON’T copy extreme runway looks. Seriously; if you look at mixed patterns on the catwalk, they work for the show but are not going to work walking down the street.
  • DON’T just grab whatever and hope it works. You’ve definitely got to take the time to piece these looks together. It might even be best to make sure a friend agrees you are fashionable, not a car crash of color.


If you’re afraid to jump in, start small. Mix a different patterned scarf with a printed skirt, or patterned tights or shoes with an interesting top. If you start with accessories, it’ll be easier to figure out what works.

There’s a lot of great inspiration out there on daily outfit fashion blogs; you’ll see it cropping up more and more. Celebrities are really embracing the look too, so keep an eye out online and in latest magazines for ideas.

In the end, this trend is not for everyone, but its a lot of fun when done right and can create a ton of new outfits from your closet that you didn’t even realize you had.

A New Line of Lingerie That Will Shock You

April 3rd, 2013

sheWith technology constantly changing, it’s hard to shock people with creative, new inventions. A group of college students in India, however, have found a way to literally shock disbelievers, or in this case, creeps.

Due to the unfortunate amount of rapes that take place in India, the automobile engineering students are looking to stop attacks and unwanted physical contact from occurring.

With that, they have developed a line of anti-rape lingerie that has the ability to shock an assailant up to 82 times and contact authorities immediately. The line is called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE).

The lingerie includes a shock circuit board, near the breasts, that can emit a shock up to 3,800 kV. It can also send a text message to the local police and to the parents of the victim.

The expert team hopes to eventually interface the system with smart phones using bluetooth. Once the conveniently located censor has been activated, a signal would be sent out. The next step in the creation process is figuring out how to make the lingerie washable. One of the creators, Manisha Mohan, is currently working with the National Institute of Fashion Technology to figure out just that.

While lingerie is typically worn when you’re expecting to get some, this sort of accessory can be worn when you’re heading someplace unsafe or you feel uncomfortable. It’s a great invention and I think that it will definitely help women around the world.

What do you think of the line? If this was available here, would you buy it?

Author: Jenna Goldfarb

Cure Your Sweet Tooth with Summer Accessories

March 25th, 2013

Dylan Candy Bar LeSportsac   Dylan Lauren LeSportsac « SHEfinds

Summer fashion just got a little sweeter. Dylan’s Candy Bar owner, Dylan Lauren, has collaborated with LeSportsac to bring us some delicious looking accessories.

The collection will include 14 LeSportsac bag styles that feature three different candy prints, including Candy Spill, Sweet Talk and Sugar Cube seen here.

All the bags will come with a gum-ball charm and range from $18-$188. The line will launch this August and then again in November. Each of the pieces will be available in LeSportsac stores, as well as, online at LeSportsac.com and Dylanscandybar.com.

If you’re unsure of the what LeSportsac brings to the table, it’s color. The famous brand is all about bright colors and designs. Plus, they’re known for their accessible fashions and have a large international reach.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Dylan says she drew inspiration from Pop Art and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She plans to eventually open more stores and incorporate more fashion around the world.

It should be interesting to see how she angles her brand into a lifestyle company. Until then, we can always settle for the Dylan’s Candy Bar challenge on Project Runway.

So if you’re into wearing candy instead of eating it, then this is the brand for you.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb


Must-Have Fashions for your Ultra Experience

March 13th, 2013

While summer music festivals are still a few months away, Ultra Music Festival is now.

Each year Miami hosts an outdoor electronic music festival called Ultra. Ultra was started back in 1999, at the end of the Winter Music Conference, and lasted only one day. Today, the crazy festival is expanded over two weekends. It’s a time when EDM lovers can jump around and rage without having to wait till summer.

Much like summer festivals, Ultra is a place for intense, multi-colored fashions. Here’s our list of style must-haves for your Ultra experience.

Funky Sunglasses


Ultra is not a place to show off your fabulous, Chanel frames. It’s basically an excuse to wear those red, heart-shaped sunglasses you’ve had since you were a kid. These days, bright colored sunglasses come in all shapes in sizes. They are the perfect Ultra accessory.

Comfy Kicks


While frolicking in the sun usually makes you want to reach for your flip flops, be sure to wear comfortable kicks. If you’re looking to stick with your bright colored theme, a pair of converse is your best bet. They go with anything, are available in any color and will really complete your look.

Badass Bikini


Miami is all about showing off your bikini bod. Why not flaunt it in a neon bikini? Neons not only look great in the sun but they really make your tan stand out. So be bold and bounce around in a bikini. You’ll be workin’ it and working on your tan at the same time.

Ultra is the perfect time to be creative and unique. It’s a great excuse for costumes and glow sticks. Just don’t take it too far. You don’t want to be that person on next year’s what not to wear list.

Author: Jenna Goldfarb